Government First Grade College Malleshwaram, Bengaluru


Admission committee
Admission to various courses is done through the admission committee in accordance with the guide mint and collegiate education. A help desk has been set up to provide the required information and guidance to the parents, seeking admission. The helpdesk also offers financial assistance for the needy students.

Academic audit committee
Academic audit committee carries out the function of monitoring and maintaining academic standards and undertakes measures to maintain and improve the academic standards.

University Liason committee
The committee will be in charge of looking in to the matters of marks card, internal assessments and any other examination related problems faces by the students.

Examination and Internal assessment committee
Examination and Internal Assessment are conducted in accordance with the guidelines of Bangalore University. Students are required to fulfill the conditions like satisfactory attendance to classes, attending tests completion of assignments and other academic requirement as per the schedule of each department.only then students can take up final exam.

Cultural committee
The committee aims to draw out the talent inherent in the students by provididing them the platform to exibit their talents in various forms of art be ot music ,dance or theatre .

Sports Committee
Sports plays a Vital role in maintain a good physique, enhancing awareness about health and hygiene, promoting interests in games and developing attitude of sports manship among the students . the committee provides opportunities for the students to undergo training in indoor and outdoor games and also encourages them to participate in the state level as well as the National level sports events.

Discipline Committee
It is essential that the students inculcate discipline ,tolerance and effective time management techniques in their lives. The committee headed by senior and experienced professors in co-ordination with NCC officer,the NSS officer and the Physical Education Director is committed to Maintain discipline in our college.

Students Welfare Committee
The college has appointed a faculty member as an officer to head the committee the students may seek guidance and co-operotion of the officer in finding remedies for their problems.

Parents-Teachers Committee
The committee keeps track of the students’ academic progress and updates their parents about their attendance, results at regular intervals. The parents-teachers meeting is arranged regularly and the parents are free to interact with the faculty and ofter their suggestions.

Magazine and Newsletter Committee
The creative writing, literary interests, arts and painting of students are encouraged through this committee, Annual Magazine and Newsletter are published with student contribution a large extent.

Students Grievance Redressal Committee
Students can make use of the suggestion box kept at the campus to put forth the suggestions and grievances. The grievances will be addressed and necessary action will be taken in time.