Government First Grade College Malleshwaram, Bengaluru

Principal Keynotes

Dear newly admitted students,

Welcome to Government First Grade College, Malleshwaram.

I am pleased to be travelling along with you on this journey. This key note is designed to give you a frame of reference for the journey into the rich academic world of our college. Let us commit ourselves to a year of excellence, integrity, service and love.

Times are changing and demands put on students today are quite different than those of few years ago. Our college places the highest value on comprehensive professional and socially relevent education.

Our entire curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular and extension activities enables each of you in the college to imbibe different varieties of skills and values that are essential for negotiation life's challenges whether personal,familial, community or professional. We also inspire and encourage a sense of social responsibility to serve others who may be less fortunate than you. We are proud of all the academic opportunities we provide to our students with strong core progeramme as well as outstanding actgivity. Our staff are dedicating their efforts over a long period of time to improve learning outcomes of students in a wide range of domains and also provide an inclusive environment in which all students are successful.

We also groom you to be an empowered and empowering patriotic citizen of our beloved country – INDIA. I am confident that with the continued vigilence and co- operation between home and college, we can look forward to the completion of degree successfully. Spend little time to go through this Hand Book completely to get an awareness about the college and what it intends to give you during your course.

I believe that your journey with us for the coming three years will be more rewarding and life time joyful meemory. Encash all the opportunities we provide you at college.

Dr. R. Komala